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Raspberry leaves

Landscape photo, which is called "Raspberry leaves" was made by the author: Koshkin Dom

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Photo has a resolution:897×810

  • Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2010 19:15:09
  • To take such a quality picture you'll need a camera: NIKON d series, Canon eos series, or Sony

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Raspberry leaves | hoarfrost, grass
Author: Koshkin Dom


cheri1910 | 05.14.2010 05:59
You did it again! Bravo!
fabiokeiner | 05.02.2010 08:02
like it best... wonderfullest
Doris Willcox | 03.26.2010 03:51
You have captured Mother Nature's assemblage of potpourri while the lighting enhances her scene and your photo. The left foreground gets you focused on the picture while the right reddish grouping prepares to hold your interest. The tree with it oranges encourages the viewer to venture down the path with hopes of seeing more of Mother Nature's work. Your picture is realistic to the eye and has diverse soft natural colors that blend well together. Thank you for sharing your photographic skills.
Raffaele | 03.15.2010 23:20