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Mirror of winter

Landscape photo, which is called "Mirror of winter" was made by the author: Andrey Fedoseev (per@)

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Photo has a resolution:918×910

  • Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2012 14:45:52
  • To take such a quality picture you'll need a camera: NIKON d series, Canon eos series, or Sony
  • Software: Adobe Photoshop CS3 Windows
  • Original resolution: 5191×4645

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Mirror of winter | landscape, outdoor, nature, winter, snow, frost, house, pond, mirror, fog


Teresa | 03.28.2015 19:08
A dream... Im in awe...
Michael Olsen | 12.19.2014 23:00
this is my favorite, looks like a lucid dream - I bet I could dive under the water and fly around if it was a dream, without noticing the water ;-)

http://krystalhealing.dk , I got a few bird/nature pics too there

I can recommend an ixus500 it is my favorite camera, only $50 used these days, but takes pictures almost like a DSLR - perfect pictures I think

It would be able to take almost as good/sharp pictures as that one, 90% as sharp.

Pretty amazing for a $50 camera used. Used to cost $500 5 years ago.

I think every picture that camera takes is perfect, both indoor and outdoor - so sharp, sharper than anything I've seen. But it has died so now I use an ixus 750, its 90% as good, but has red eye problems - and not as good for indoors (but not bad either).
ebony muir | 12.05.2014 05:50
really good pics