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Low clouds

Landscape photo, which is called "Low clouds" was made by the author: lyusya.t

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Photo has a resolution:810×493

  • Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006 07:12:09
  • To take such a quality picture you'll need a camera: NIKON d series, Canon eos series, or Sony

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Low clouds | mountains, valley, clouds
Author: lyusya.t


monkglenn | 12.20.2009 06:08
My sense of abandonment and isolation find sympathy in this photograph, but even more, it seems to create more profound isolation and loneliness as I see it now, so that I am deepened in my angst today seeing this, like only will the angst worsen if i look again tomorrow at this...there is no escaping the truth: isolation is isolation! If I picked up my camera and walked to this site, and took similar photo, then I could somehow say I've proved my point, but I will prove it in another way, by leaving this comment here so that if you read it you can realize that I needed to speak to you, but that time has passed, and now, if you like, you can look at this alone, as I will be on my way now...a solitary way I never sought, but which found me.